The village Krasinec has a restaurant with a long-standing tradition that offers top quality cuisine, a rich selection of established dishes of Bela krajina and Slovenian wines, as well as a sommelier service. Experience the dishes of Bela krajina the way our grandmothers used to make them or try their updated versions with a modern twist. At the Kapušin Restaurant they prepare a selection of food rooted in the culinary heritage of Bela krajina but taken to the next level by applying their own contemporary experience.




You are kindly invited to visit GOSTIŠČE VESELIČ, which is located between Črnomelj (9 km), Metlika (5 km) and Semič (9 km), in the village Podzemelj, along the river Kupa. Take time to taste real food in the countryside, in Bela krajina. They spoil guests with local dishes, a la carte food and with the order in advance they bake lamb and suckling pig in a wood-fired oven. They also serve catering. Reglar guests are recommend to buy TAPRAVO VOZNIŠKO  DOVOLJENJE (our card of benefits). The idyllic location on the river Kolpa, welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food are a guarantee that you can meet more times.

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An inn with centuries of tradition, the first warm greeting Bela krajina extends to the visitors as they cross over to the sunny side of the Gorjanci mountain chain. The family-run inn, where the tradition of genuine hospitality is passed from generation to generation, is appreciated mostly for its fine home-made food. During the tourist season the inn offers Bela krajina’s specialities, the spit-roasted lamb, suckling pig and warm “pogača” flatbread.  Do not miss the opportunity to taste ‘Karampampuli’, the famous herbal liquor, the recipe for which is known only to the innkeeper.

You should not pass up the unique opportunity to acquire the “Passport to Bela krajina” and the “Wi(g)nette tool sticker”. Approach the innkeeper at the bar to learn more about these novelty items. You will not be disappointed.




Restaurant Bela krajina offers a view of old town of Metlika, and over 50 years tradition of Bela Krajina cousine. Modernly furnished and pleasant ambience with white birch trees decor, offers a rich selection of house specialties, traditional dishes and excellent selection of local wines. The restaurant capacity for 120 people is suitable for groups, celebrations and weddings. Superior service and catering are also available at a any location.




Restaurant Budački invites you to try out their cuisine. We offer varied dishes, delicious sea food, pizza, a la carte and much more. You can choose from a selection of excellent local wines. Our restaurant is located near the border with Croatia and the river Kolpa.


Contact: Ulica belokranjskega odreda 14, Metlika. Tel.: +386 (7) 36 35 200, +386 41 779 202, e-mail:



The inn is situated by the main road leading towards the border crossing. It has 200 seats inside and 30 seats on the balcony. For years, the Metlika inn has been known for its grilled lamb and piglet.

Contact: Zdravko Grubač, CBE 114, Metlika, tel.: 07 36 35 140, gsm: 041 697 864, 041 793 245



Apart from a well stocked bar and lunch specials you can choose from several pizza varieties, Mexican food, pasta, fish dishes, and different hamburger variations.

Contact: Božo Kopinič, Cesta XV. Brigade 39, Metlika. Tel.: 00386 7 30 58 721



The restaurant is located in the shopping and business centre in Metlika. It offers a wide choice of pizzas and grilled dishes, along with fish dishes, salads, ice cream and fruit sundaes. If you wish, then can also deliver food to your door, workplace or a social gathering.

Contact: Jadranka Sodec, Naselje Borisa Kidriča 9, Metlika. Tel: +386 7 305 94 87, + 386 31 706 705