Amazing scenic views over the Bela krajina region and some parts of Croatia can be admired from the mountain hut that is situated near the highest-lying village in the Municipality of Metlika at 542m above sea level. To enjoy this amazing view, the Alpine Club Metlika build a 17.5m high lookout tower, and also a natural climbing wall, boules pitch and children’s playground near the hut. From Metlika, a well-marked trail leads to the village of Krašnji Vrh and the mountain hut. The trail runs through the fields, forests and vineyards past the villages of Slamna vas and Bojanja vas. To return to Metlika this circular trail runs from Krašnji Vrh through the forests near the village of Radovica, past the Okno spring below Slamna vas and Bečka cave, through the fern areas, past the pilgrimage churches of Tri fare and finally through Mestni breg and across the Obrh stream back to Metlika. The entire trail is well-marked. Traditional hike is on 1st May.


  • Waypoints: Metlika–Slamna vas–Bojanja vas–Krašnji Vrh–Radovica–Tri fare–Mestni breg–Metlika
  • Start: Metlika
  • Access: road to Metlika
  • Length: 25 km
  • Time: 6 h
  • Highest Point: Krašnji Vrh, 542 m
  • Difficulty: easy



Metlika old town centre, Metlika Castle, Bela krajina Museum, Slovenian Firefighting Museum, Kambič Gallery, wine-growing region, Krašnji Vrh, natural climbing wall, Bojanja vas, fern areas, abysses (Pečenevka and Bečka cave), Tri fare.