Departing from Metlika via Krvavčji Vrh you are headed towards Semič. From there you take a dynamic road and pass the Krupa river on your way towards Gradac, where you fill find a castle situated at the band of the Lahinja river. The road will take you onwards through the flatlands featuring meadows and cultivated fields to the village Prilozje, where you can visit the Bela krajina’s airfield and a pond. On your way towards the main road you will travel along the Kolpa river bank until you reach Kučar, one of the most important archeological sites in Bela krajina. On your way back to the starting point you will cross the main road and a little bridge above the Lahinja river before enjoying the forest for the remainder of your journey.


Route: Metlika – Krvavčji Vrh – Cerovec – Črešnjevec – Semič – Stranska vas – Klošter – Gradac – Prilozje – Krasinec – Podzemelj – Zemelj – Geršiči – Dolnje Dobravice – Gornje Dobravice – macadam road passing near the Bočka – Metlika landfill.

  • Starting point: TIC Metlika
  • Length: 37 km
  • Duration: 3,5 hours
  • Difficulty: medium

Nearby landmarksMetlika’s old town core (Metlika  Castle, Bela krajina Museum, Slovenian Fire Fighters’ Museum Metlika of dr. Branko Božič, Church of St. Nicholas), Kambič Gallery, Church of St. Martin by the plague column, open air museum and partisan hospital in Črešnjevec, source of the Krupa river, confluence of the Krupa and Lahinja rivers in Klošter, Gradac Castle, memorial room commemorating the formation of the Slovenian Red Cross in Gradac, airfield and pond in Prilozje, Camp Podzemelj by the Kolpa river, Kučar hill (observation point, remnants of an ancient settlement, learning trail Kučar-Kolpa, earthen mounds), Parish Church of St. Martin in Podzemelj, Lahinja river, water spring in Geršiči.