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»The Tastes of Bela krajina« is a culinary tourist product intended to showcase the culinary specialities of the Bela krajina region. The workshops led by an acclaimed Slovenian chef Tomaž Vozelj resulted in a selection of dishes that are now available to the visitors of Bela krajina.

»The Tastes of Bela krajina« comprise of ten traditional dishes of Bela krajina that will soon be available at select restaurants: “belokranjska pogača (a leavened flatbread sprinkled with caraway and coarse salt), “belokranjska povitica” (rolled filo pastry with curd cheese and clotted cream filling), “belokranjsko cvrtje” (mince and bread patties), belokranjski nadev” (bread, eggs, and ham stuffing in a casing) also known as “semiško fulanje” with horseradishbuckwheat “potica” with raisins,  “belokranjska šara” (a vegetable and bacon stew), cereal sausage (made with millet groats and pork), mutton and cabbage stew, “belokranjski žlinkrofi” (pasta dough dumplings filled with bread and beef lung filling), and – an absolute must – the spit-roasted suckling pig or lamb.