Under arrangements by the mountaineering society or with a hiking map in hands, older and younger people can enjoy a variety of hiking trips. Either by themselves or in company, they can start their journey and explore the banks of the Kolpa River, flat grassy areas, wine-growing or wood­ed hills throughout Bela krajina. There are hiking trails labelled and organised in different parts. A popular vantage point of locals and hikers is certainly the seventeen-meter high belvedere at the top of Krašnji vrh, from which a breathtaking panoramic view is open to the entire Bela krajina and a large part of Croatia.

There are also cycling trails through Metlika and its surroundings. They bring travellers to the land of white birches through Vahta and Brezje passes. These cycling routes can be found in the landscape full of karst phenomena, meadows, vineyards, fields and forests.

Cycling trails in Bela krajina often avoid main roads and lead to hidden areas of unspoiled nature. The banks of the Kolpa River are surrounded by narrow paths leading to natural attractions and tourist service providers, where holidaymakers can take refreshments.