In the beautiful landscape of the Metlika surroundings, there are two major rivers, Lahinja and Kolpa, for which Ribiška družina Metlika (Angling Society of Metlika) has taken care in this section since 1956, i.e. since its establishment. The Society also manages all their tributaries, thus taking care for preservation of the nature, and the purity of waters and cleanliness of their banks. The Angling Society has its own fishing home located at the ponds in Prilozje, which were completely renovated and tidied in 2011. The home now hosts gatherings of fishermen and other nature lovers, fishing competitions, social events, while many people just pass their time at the ponds full of water lilies, relaxing from a busy pace of life. The waters of the Angling Society Metlika are open to both domestic and foreign visitors, and due to their appropriate location in terms of fishing, they offer a wide variety of fish. Fishermen can fish mainly for pike, catfish, carp, chub, tench, common nase and pigo. There is also trout and Danube salmon found, as the waters are becoming cleaner year after year. This was a result of an increasing number of wastewater treatment plants, which shows a beautiful picture of this part of Bela krajina. Through involving the youngest peers in its lines, the Angling Society brings the awareness of nature protection closer to the youngest, and takes care for a long-term development of the fishing hobby.


Contact: Ribiška družina Metlika, Krasinec 150, 8332 Gradac;;