On the sunny side of Gorjanci hill, in the embrace of vineyards, forests, fields and Kolpa river, you are very welcome to visit our tourist farm and wine cellar Šuklje. Our main activity is viticulture, winemaking and production of top-quality wine, while at the same we are aldo engaged in tourist activities. You can visit our farm to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or you can simply come to Bela krajina for a visit. We welcome large groups up to 60 guests, providing that prior reservations be made. The menus can be chosen in advance and customized to suit individual preferences. Expertly guided degustation is also available, along with the tour of wine cellar and the purchase of wines. Wielcome to a warm embrace of hospitable people and wonderful environment.

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The Jakljevič Tourist Farm is nestled among the vineyards, in the vicinity of the Church of St. Urban. We can accommodate larger parties and offer lodging as well. Our guests can enjoy authentic local cuisine and a variety of local wines from our wine cellar. We are looking forward to your visit!




When a traveller crosses the Gorjanci mountain range at the Vahta pass (615 m. a. s. l.) the road begins its descent to the beautiful Bela krajina region, the land of kind people, white birch trees, and white folk costumes. The Črnič Tourist Farm lies a good two kilometres north of Metlika, among the vineyards of Berčice, and under the auspices of the church of St. Urban. It offers a spectacular view of Metlika and its surroundings that lie below, and of the rolling hills of the neighbouring Croatia. Mornings are an especially delightful sight as the Črnič Tourist Farm bathes in the sunlight, while Metlika still slumbers away safely, draped in the white fog. The tourist farm Črnič caters to all sorts of celebrations, such as anniversary feasts, First Communion and Confirmation celebrations, birthdays, and other occasions (business lunches, seminars etc.). It can welcome up 60 people at a time. You can reach the farm by car, bus and other modes of transportation.




Homestead Bajuk is located in the south-east region of Slovenia called Bela krajina, only 6 kilometers from Metlika. We are proud of our outstanding wine cellar, which opens its treasures five meters underground. In such depths of good wine cellar reaches optimum temperature. In the cellar we will be happy to prepare a wine tasting.

On Homestead Bajuk we produce our own meat and dry meat products. You can enrich your meal with pogača, a bread typical for Bela krajina or dessert. We also prepare meals for tourists and groups, as well as cold meat antipasto platters, barbecue and our specialty – pork or lamb on the spit.




The farm is located between Metlika  (9km) and Črnomelj (9km) in the village Krasinec. Our guests can enjoy all of our products that are made on our farm.  We offer fresh organic meat (beef, pork, chicken), flour (full grain weat flour, buckweat flour, corn flour), and also home bread, eggs, vinegar, cured meat, diverse vegetables and other good things like belokranjska pogača or house speciality buckweat strudl. Just a few minutes on foot from our home there is a camp by the river Kolpa, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. Our farm is proud of farming organically since 2002.

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The Matkovič Tourist Farm is located in the immediate vicinity of the regional road Novo mesto – Metlika. The hostess will welcome you dressed in the local folk costume and serve you warm traditional local yeasted flatbread “belokranjska pogača”. You will be able to indulge in home-grown and traditionally prepared food, quality wines of Bela krajina, and tasty walnut potica, boasting a quality label.

Contact: Janez Matkovič, Gornja Lokvica 22a, Metlika. E-mail:, Tel: +386 7 305 03 94, +386 31 306 125



The farm is located at the hub of the Bela Krajina vine-growing, in Drašiči. We look upon the world of “steljniks” beneath us and, in the distance, at the bell tower of one of the Tri fare churches. At our farm, we have been greeting visitors with a smile, humour and a glass of red wine in hand for already 20 years. The guests are served in two venues. In the old farmhouse, named “stable”, where there is room for 35 people, and in the new section with 70 seats. Flat cake, homemade cold cuts and roast lamb and piglet, home-grown poultry with side dishes, six different types of grilled meat with roast vegetables and bread from the bread oven are just a few of the specialties we make.

Contact: Nada Simonič, Drašiči 56, Metlika. Tel.: 00386 41 208 292